Review of “Uncanny Collateral” by Brian McClellan

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Uncanny Collateral is a breathless book that fills you up but leaves you ready for dessert.

Uncanny Collateral is an adult urban fantasy about a soul collection agent who gets mixed up in a dangerous adventure when he is called to investigate missing souls.

If you enjoy a great urban fantasy that you can knock out in one sitting, Uncanny Collateral is the book for you. It has relatable characters with unique personalities and gifts, and it explores in an interesting way the implications of a modern world where fantasy creatures live side-by-side with mortals. The twists come almost as fast and hard as a punch to the teeth, and you’ll be grinning despite the missing molars.

Go preorder it! Seriously! It’s good!

Yeah. He freaking means business.

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