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Logan D. Groll
This is the official website for author, freelance editor and book reviewer Logan D. Groll.
I write speculative fiction. I am currently working on a novel called “An Unlucky Wish”, a book about a half-leprechaun cursed with bad luck in an alternate version of America.
I am also a freelance editor and book reviewer who has participated in many Beta readership groups and worked at several professional blogs. Please feel free to email me at logan.groll1@gmail.com if you’d like a review on a current book getting ready for publication or are interested in your work in progress edited by yours truly!


  1. I read the article in Deseret News about you by Jason Wright. I battled my own severe mental health crisis after the birth of my fourth child and am trying to build up more of a community of LDS mental health survivors to share stories. Also, you might want to connect with Brighton and Josie Thompson Solomon. Josie was diagnosed as bipolar but then recently they found out that she has been suffering from Lyme’s disease just like your wife. They are on Instagram as @hijosiethompson and @brightonsolomon with @the444project. I believe their new site is josiesolomon.com.

  2. Jessica Schiltz

    April 26, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    I also read the article about your struggle with OCD… My OCD is what feels so severe.. Of all different subtypes.. But it helps to know that its okay and our thoughts don’t condemn us. I struggle to find an understanding within the church but the more I speak up about mental health, the more -of cocurse- kind and tender people I find. I’m so glad to have been blessed to be in the loving LDS faith. Ive read a few of your posts… I would love to know how you cope with it. I look to go on a mission. We will see maybe. But stories like yours help remind me God and Jesus loves us all and knew/knows exactly what we go through.

    • Jessica,

      He does know exactly what we go through!!! And in answer to how I cope with it…sometimes, I don’t feel like I do very well. But on the days that I do, it’s because I don’t let OCD dictate what my actions are…I am the only one who can do that. If you can remember that, you can cope with it.

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